Access International Markets
for your Educational Products

Our focus

Education service companies in Asia

Franchisee learning centers, online education companies

Government education institution

Ministry of Education of China, other Association of Educational Organizations

Education investment fund partners

Ehainet helps education companies find investment fund partners

International and public schools

Our clients have STEM education training agreements with multiple schools in different cities


Our experience and in-depth knowledge of international markets gives us unique insight into the competitive landscape and allows us to develop inventive business strategies to improve our clients’ competitive advantage.

We promote educational products/programs in multiple languages to our global partners in Asia and North America. Our clients will be introduced to sustainable distribution channels and be connected with like-minded companies who are most well-suited for their unique products.

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About US

The 'E' stands for education

Ehainet is a management consulting firm providing sales and marketing services, with a focus on helping North American education companies to grow and prosper in the China market. We engage in market research, market planning, business development initiatives, and strategic selling to bring clients’ programs and products to our network of Chinese school partners.

We provide the fastest way of reaching multiple distributors and school buyers. Bring your educational programs and products to new markets, build business opportunities, develop your brand and generate recurring revenues.

  • STEM
  • Localized

STEMstorm® was founded by Ehainet Investment Ltd. in 2015 and provides programs involving crosscutting concepts that integrate knowledge and skills from a variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors. We also license various types of educational products and programs in multiple languages to combine them under a comprehensive STEMstorm umbrella that we can provide to our global clients.

STEMstorm is on a mission to spark the imagination of children and help them achieve rapid gains in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To succeed in tomorrow’s world, school-age children need to be equipped with the knowledge and critical skills that they can apply to a real-world setting. Our STEMstorm program ignites a passion in children by providing them with hands-on activities that challenge and inspire them to come up with creative solutions and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Our Team

Management Team | Advisory Board
Zhang Zue (Lisa)
Ehainet Founder & CEO
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Lisa has worked with education company clients in USA, Europe and Asia. Prior to her current role as a mentor of business strategy for education programs, Lisa gained 10 years of experience in business development roles at Alibaba in Shanghai and Dentsu in Beijing.
Zhengyi Chen
Director of Distribution Channels in China
Zhengyi has organized 500 WeChat parent groups, managed 100 education product sales and over 100 thousand parents within this community in China. Director of the Liangde international education company, providing internet-based international education for families in China.
Andre Nudelman
Franchisee operations expert
Andre is Manager Director of Addquire Private Equity – Investing in Education (, CEO of Addexo Consulting – Franchising Experts (, and Chairman at Digital Media Academy ( See the About Us page for more details.
Jessie Chuang
Market analysis and research expert
Co-founder of Texas-based Classroom Aid Inc. and lead of ADL xAPI Chinese Community of Practice, Jessie provides consulting services and courses in OER, mobile learning design, learning standards, educational tech product/ solution design and visualization design for educators, researchers and vendors.

Did You Know?


Ehainet provided financial analysis and other due diligence in its business development work with Addquire that led to the successful acquisition of private funding for Digital Media Academy. DMA was acquired by Addquire in Oct 2017.

Ehainet provided analysis and business development services to that led to a referral of Itslearning to Addquire, which licensed itslearning’s student learning system for placement into hundreds of schools in Brazil in Sept 2017.

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